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Chris Naudi
Sportsbook & iGaming Product Specialist
Hi everyone, my name is Chris and I am glad that you are on my website! I was born in Australia, Melbourne and I am an iGaming academy graduate and experienced player. I decided to take as the basis of all content - the relevance of information. That is why I created this compilation to answer the question: "What are the best new online casinos for Australian players?". All casinos added to my list have been personally verified by me using real money. Enjoy
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Back in 2015, when I graduated from the university with a degree in IT specialist in the gaming industry, I knew that I wanted to create something of my own. In fact, like almost every person, I wanted to create a commercial project and I was only interested in making money. Since I spent a lot of time in gambling halls or online casinos on a mobile device, I was pretty good at it. Also, my entourage consisted of the most avid gamers in Australia. After a year and a half of idleness, my friend Paul and I decided to take control of our life! We rented a small office and I was lucky that Paul knew how to code and then we decided to write our first website about Australian online casinos! And this is not surprising, because at one point I felt for sure that my project would be in great demand. After all, it is enough to look at the growth dynamics of the search query related to online gambling in Australia.

The process itself looked like this: I rampantly poured almost all my money into online casinos from morning to night and made notes on what I liked and what I didn't. I took by quantity. This means that I did not make huge bets, on the contrary, I made small bets in as many casinos as possible. Each time I noticed something new and could immediately distinguish a piston scripted casino for scam from a quality and conscientious product! Thus, we have formed our first rating of the best online casinos for gamblers from Australia. Paul was in charge of the technical part and the writing of the site. I was the main researcher and subject in one person. Here are the main criteria by which we select the best casinos. After a while, we got our first users who trust us. Now our project involves more than a dozen specialists, content managers and IT professionals who strive for excellence.

Our main goal is to create an honest review and fair rating of new online casinos in Australia
This is what we have achieved
We get better every day by providing honest and reliable service
So many new Australian online casinos have been reviewed by our experts since 2018
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So many happy players left their positive feedback about our work and found their favorite casino
Exactly as many people are working on our project, trying to help players from australia choose the right latest online casino
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