Gambling Addiction Test

Are you experiencing problems with gambling? We have prepared a test, by the results of which you can find out the answer to this question.
Take the test and understand whether it is worth working on yourself and fighting a bad habit that aggravates your life. Send this test to your loved one and find out what will come of it. Instructions.

We have compiled a list of the most important questions, by the answers to which you can determine a person who suffers from gambling addiction. These are not difficult questions about your life experience. Read each question carefully and do not rush to answer, the passage of this test is not limited in time.
gambling addiction test
Do you often think about gambling, especially before bed?
Do you like to increase the amount of deposits and bets in order to have more fun?
Do you periodically try to quit gambling?
Do you feel anxious or annoyed when you restrict yourself to play?
Are you lying about your gambling addiction to your loved ones?
Does gambling interfere with your career growth, relationships with loved ones, health and financial well-being?
When your gaming budget runs out, do you find illegal or dishonest ways to make more money?
Do you borrow money for gambling and often don't give it back?
Are you ashamed and sad about your addiction, especially when you are alone with your thoughts?
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